Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dawn of a new birthday

On the eve of my birthday my sister and a friend took me to a night about town. Funny thing is the better part of my birthday i thought myself younger than my birth certificate would care to tell. Denial i feel like i have missed a year because of that i was a year behind so the shock was real when my real years dawned on me.

So my sister got some candy and Valentino perfume shower gel and body lotion wow never been a label person but so what i ain't choosing either. Hope the new birthday girl will be wiser this birthday year. I think it strange to be talking about myself as a third person but i can't help it. looking forward to being a bit older looking back we reminisced about our lives while having some Chinese dinner it was an all around wonderful evening. My sister and Shiku(our Pal) had planned ahead in hijacking me on the eve of my birthday. We were to have a sleep over thing is wish they had told me about it i never had my contact lens kit so we had to forgo and do it another time. Got back home almost around 11pm can't complain i had a great time.

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