Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Frenzy

I have never been a football fan, but even I have to confess it’s all the rage. With the frenzy, the almost scored goals it is so palpable one cannot help but feel like they are actually in the arena. The premier leagues have everyone thinking that football is all English what with everyone vouching for Manchester, arsenal or Chelsea why one may misconstrue and think the English are the only ones who play it. Glad to know the USA calls football soccer American football is quite another thing. I remember growing up when football was made in Germany or so I thought as a child since it was broadcasted by transtel a German channel via KBC a local broadcasting corporation and even then it was not the greatest of days what when missing the favorite telenovelas of the rich also cry, no one but you and derrick the detective program that had us glued to the screen when cable did not exist and kbc was the only broadcasting corporation. Time has changed but it’s good to see that things still remain the same albeit no worse for wear this time around the world cup is not being broadcasted in all channels as before so there is the variety to see however boring. But I have to admit even I cannot help but squeal at the pressure to score some goals Germany that beat Australia 4-0 now just got beat by Serbia 1-0. With all the promotional products winning millions with the number of entries one has my credit is finished and there is no guarantee of winning I think this is what is called gambling but hey it’s all part of the game.

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