Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jam Jam Traffic Jam

Now if you want to die young that is possible in this day and age. Traffic jam in Kenya has become something to look forward to like some breakfast ham with all the repercussion to follow up. More like going for your cardio and the doc telling you that you need to get off the fatty juicy yummy stuff. Well sorry to compare traffic jam with ham no comparison at all, but lately that is the mode of the day I am beginning to wonder where we will be as a country in the next five years. Apparently I was told that the way the Kenyan infrastructure was built during the colonial days it was never meant to cater to the large masses that seem to drift through for work and life but hey I'm not complaining. To my ham situation, I am driving and enjoying when up ahead just past the junction of number nane (local bus stop )we begin to slow down. We have a trail of cars almost at a stand still and apparently they have been like that for hours yes hours and I have only just arrived and i feel my legs cramping seeing as I drive a stick shift so no that rested left leg stuff. So its just five minutes and still there is no sign that we will be moving soon. so when we do eventually move its only to realize that there was a small collision and yes I mean small because you can't even make out the dent or scratch. But the thing is that the public transport what we around here call matatus are notorious for flaunting the law. So they basically overlap and nearly drive you off the road when they spot a cop not that it matters once they pay a small fee the authority is more likely to turn a blind eye. Back to the story, so this matatu while trying to ferry its passengers who for some reason they think are more important than the rest of us motorists (I have been known to enjoy the matatu because for some reason one never stalls as much in traffic like when one is driving) bumped into a lady who by the look of things had a new ride so even a speck of dust would have been considered illegal entity.
So instead of parking the by the side of the road she instead stopped got out to view the damage and all hell broke loose. you see I'm not one for breaking traffic laws but I think she just had a bad day and the matatu trying to cut in line nearly ramming her car didn't make things much easier worse we were at a T junction it was hell. I cannot say i would not react the same but in some local news a dude(we were to later learn it was a police officer in plain clothing) got out of the car and shot some who cut him off while driving. it made the local news good thing guns are not legal people would sure vent out their frustrations. Will post some images dubbing them my traffic jam diaries.

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