Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Long Goodbye

Strange how things turn out, I came for a residency and met new people. And as fate would have it they remain constantly in my memories. Strange that we may have never talked, but I felt your energy interwoven with mine. How else would I explain, why I feel you lingering in the recesses of my mind even when you are not really here. Stranger still that your hug goodbye, feels like hello like we have just met, you will remain forever engraved in my mind.

The drive to town, the visit to the yard sale and getting some radio that probably will never work. Better yet, driving back to the residency from Burlington, listening to the greatest hits of the 80’s volume 6, Michael Sembello’s “Maniac” and we can’t help but sing along and I, thereby declaring it our theme song. Being dubbed queen and having to be dethroned once everyone’s gone and I become a commoner. This is to all who made a difference with your laughter, your silence, your work and maybe even the rumpus karaoke dance moves that had you swearing off at the scars left on your body in the morning as your body made contact with space. Yes, we did laugh, yes, we did dance and yes this is the reason why it will never be a goodbye but ever a hello.

-Beatrice Wanjiku


  1. scars left on your body in the morning as your body made contact with space


    - Heather from VSC

    1. Happy New Year! I hope life is treating you well