Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bad case of the Flu

Woke up with the flu,one would think the body gives you some sign that its shutting down. My nose is sore feels like someone poured acid in my chest whenever I cough.

Hope this passes away sooner rather than later..............

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I like the new series............. the layering. stacks and stacks of magazines newspapers, I'm collaborating with another artist, this is so out of my comfort zone.
I need to get back to the canvas...............missing the smell of paint. My paintings challenge one to look beyond the surface through the exposure of their hidden stories. Using a process of simultaneous multiplicities the images play with the processes of revealing and concealing. 

Through the use of layering and texture in the paintings each fresh thought and new ideas grows off the previous both literally and metaphorically. The use of typography has been key texts lifted from magazines novels and newspapers with their self reflective prose to explore ideas such as vanity humanity adaptation memories and transitions.

The contrast between abstraction, text, montage and layering and the image of the face on several of my paintings is to explore the notion of the self through the perception of the other. The face as the final layer gives something recognizable to the viewer, a point of clear identification rooting the play of words and ideas in the physical human form and our most immediate expression of the self, the face.

I know I had said I'll tackle Leo Tolstoy's war and peace next, but settled on Kaye Gibbons Ellen Foster. The way the book starts engages you and I find myself constantly flipping the pages. This is not a review, but I suppose one gets to be excited about a good book.

Well today was exciting had my Saturday classes and as an artist I enjoy the painting session more. Being an artist and teaching are two different dynamics and the participants totally different. you get the agreeable and those who think they know more than you hmmph...... that's questionable.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just finished tar baby by toni morrison and looking forward to tackling leo tolstoys war and peace. Read Angela carter dawn of a new eve wow book gave me shivers.

Another day nothing much happened been planning on sorting out my receipts for the tax returns and will be sorting them tomorrow as i had said the same thing i has said yesterday