Saturday, May 29, 2010

lost in translation

lost in translation woodcut 30x30

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2 Flat Tyres

Well my week has been great i have spent the better part of it catching up to some reading. I have not touched paint i guess that's why i feel out of the weather i need to get some work done. Finally i decided to leave the house i had an interview and seeing that it was happening quite close to my home location i decided to leave twenty minutes to time only to discover my Tyre looked like it will be deflated any moment thought if i reverse the car maybe, just maybe i might get myself to a petrol station. And that's when everything went wrong the Tyre became completely deflated and i had to put on a spare. only to discover the other one too was soon heading in the same direction. I finally managed to drive myself to a petrol station cancel the interview all in a days work. Now i need to give my car to the mechanic for some service.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Politics of art and the art of politics

Video installation exploring views on the referendum of the kenyan constitution.