Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here We Come A Halloween

 frayed nerves of a frazzled pumpkin getting away from the shark................

Characters in the night.....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Long Goodbye

Strange how things turn out, I came for a residency and met new people. And as fate would have it they remain constantly in my memories. Strange that we may have never talked, but I felt your energy interwoven with mine. How else would I explain, why I feel you lingering in the recesses of my mind even when you are not really here. Stranger still that your hug goodbye, feels like hello like we have just met, you will remain forever engraved in my mind.

The drive to town, the visit to the yard sale and getting some radio that probably will never work. Better yet, driving back to the residency from Burlington, listening to the greatest hits of the 80’s volume 6, Michael Sembello’s “Maniac” and we can’t help but sing along and I, thereby declaring it our theme song. Being dubbed queen and having to be dethroned once everyone’s gone and I become a commoner. This is to all who made a difference with your laughter, your silence, your work and maybe even the rumpus karaoke dance moves that had you swearing off at the scars left on your body in the morning as your body made contact with space. Yes, we did laugh, yes, we did dance and yes this is the reason why it will never be a goodbye but ever a hello.

-Beatrice Wanjiku

300 Balloons (Work by Matt Callinan)

"Artists Etty, Mihret, Matt, Jesse and Asha"

Streets and Zones

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Artist Just Want to Have Fun

There is much to be said about company, and nothing could be better than fun company. Resident artists having a break and some fun at the bread and puppet museum.


 "Artist in residence Thane, Emily and Missy"

 "Thane ,Emily, Missy"


 "Bus I"

"Bus II"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bread & Puppet

Visited the bread and puppet museum will be posting some of the images soon. 

The Bread and Puppet Theater (often known simply as Bread & Puppet) is a politically radical puppet theater, active since the 1960s. Founded in 1962–1963 in New York City. It was active during the Vietnam War in anti-war protests, primarily in New York. 

It is often remembered as a central part of the political spectacle of the time, as its enormous puppets (often ten to fifteen feet tall) were a fixture of many demonstrations. In 1970 the Theater moved to Vermont, first to Goddard College in Plainfield, and then to a farm in Glover where it still resides.


There is a sacredness in tears. They are not a sign of weakness but power, they are messengers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love.

Filial Obedience

-You told me to stay away from men,          
      And I have done that;
Except when the sun goes down
I talk to Rogelio on the road….

-Oh?.....and what does he say?...-that he loves me…
     But I don’t say anything;
-and then?....-he holds my hands a little,
Or gives me a little kiss on the cheek…

-Ah ha!....I see… so that’s all
   the rascal does to you?
Don’t hang around that place any more,
Because you’re in danger my child….

-Men have always been that way!....they speak
     Sweet nothings,
And they deceive naïve girls like you
Leading them off meekly to ruin.

-Mama. …for goodness sake! Don’t worry…that boy
    Speaks sincerely!....
And if he comes to meet me, he lifts me up bodily
When the road is muddy

-That’s a part of his scheme…as a girl
   The same happened to me …
Tie four knots in your flower, my child,
And never forget what I have told you…

The next day early in the morning
    the girl got caught…
The sun found her far away, without flowers,
In the tender arms of danger….
Never has the advice of old women
Served any better than in this case…
When love strikes the youthful breast, filial obedience ends.

-Candelario Obeso

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meet Me In St. Albans

 "Nails, Hair, Massage City Salon"

 "Hay for sale"


 "Hay I"

 "Hay II"

"The car in front is always a........Kama vile msemo kule nyumbani husema"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

About 300 Balloons New work by Matt callinan at the Vermont studio Center

Exhibition Opening at VSC

 "View of exhibition from the outside"

 "Lund and Marco"

 "works by Amarsaikhan"

"Emily, Kaci, Thane, Kate and Marco"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Between An Exhibition and A Visiting Painter

Angela Dufresne

Well the rain is still falling, its a friday night, but luckily its not one of those nights one tends to go out and party away. But this friday finds us between an exhibition opening of visiting resident artist Amarsaikhan from Mongolia  and Asha Kama from Tibet and an evening talk with visiting painter Angela Dufresne.

When It Rains.............

It is said that when it rains, it pours but this place transforms completely from sunlit reds and yellows and green lawns to a grey that just wants one huddled inside.

 "View from my studio" 

 "View from my studio 2"

"Grey weather we're having today"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall


 "chairs II"



St. Albans



Balloon installation by Matt Callinan

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Visit To Burlington

I will be a tourist and admit I had the best weekend, not to exaggerate, but sometimes a change of space and pace can be just what the doctor ordered. Went to Burlington with some friends, had dinner and a movie and ended the night with karaoke what better way to end a day.

"Wok N House"

"Pounding Pavement"