Friday, June 25, 2010

Morning glory

Morning glory 2010

Works in Progress

Out of this mess (Diptych), Mixed media on canvas 2010

142cm x101.5cm


The rains have finally ceased, the garden had become a no go zone. the fact that the soil is cotton which is a mixture of clay and i can't remember what else. But the thing about cotton soil is its ability to hold water for long periods of time. Because of this there was no tiling happening and so the garden got infested with blackjacks. They are everywhere on your clothes, it was a mess trying to get them off but the best thing despite this is they make beautiful pictures. Took this images between 12pm and 2pm when the sun was finally shining its been a cold season and the better part of the day tends to be grey so this was a welcome relief.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Not to brag but i have quite the garden funny thing though don't ask me to tell you the name of the flowers i have no clue.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Face Series 2007

Face III 2007
Oil on canvas
30cm x 30 cm

They Call it Soccer

What a match it now boils down to points what with Slovenia and USA both having 2-2. To our African Brothers don't be such bad losers. This goes to the Nigerian broda who threw a kick. The les miserables french team losing to Mexico

World Cup Frenzy

I have never been a football fan, but even I have to confess it’s all the rage. With the frenzy, the almost scored goals it is so palpable one cannot help but feel like they are actually in the arena. The premier leagues have everyone thinking that football is all English what with everyone vouching for Manchester, arsenal or Chelsea why one may misconstrue and think the English are the only ones who play it. Glad to know the USA calls football soccer American football is quite another thing. I remember growing up when football was made in Germany or so I thought as a child since it was broadcasted by transtel a German channel via KBC a local broadcasting corporation and even then it was not the greatest of days what when missing the favorite telenovelas of the rich also cry, no one but you and derrick the detective program that had us glued to the screen when cable did not exist and kbc was the only broadcasting corporation. Time has changed but it’s good to see that things still remain the same albeit no worse for wear this time around the world cup is not being broadcasted in all channels as before so there is the variety to see however boring. But I have to admit even I cannot help but squeal at the pressure to score some goals Germany that beat Australia 4-0 now just got beat by Serbia 1-0. With all the promotional products winning millions with the number of entries one has my credit is finished and there is no guarantee of winning I think this is what is called gambling but hey it’s all part of the game.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

And Love Says

And love

"I will, I will take care of you,"

To everything that is


Happen if God leaned down

And gave you a full wet

Doesn't mind answering astronomical questions
Like that:

You would surely start
Reciting all day, inebriated,


Drawing workshop

Charcoal on paper 2010

Reclining form "charcoal on paper 2010"

The thing I love most about the reclining form is how fluid the limbs always seem to be.

One minute sketch "charcoal on paper 2010"

Any artist knows how important it is to keep drawing, well i participated in a drawing workshop in RaMoMA on Tuesday had so much fun didn't realize how much I've missed it till i put my charcoal to the paper then i realized I'm a little bit rusty.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Down Medical Lane

Started as a great day but ended in the hospital well not me, but a cousin of mine something to do with heart failure or such like. Hate to conclude all in a meds work but hey its time i adopt the motto "life is a holiday relax and enjoy the ride". So here's to hoping he gets well since he had all this white thingi's on his chest maybe they tried to resuscitate him or maybe there was "clear thump! with all the cardio panels so (gray's anatomy) but all in all i hope for a quick recovery. On a positive note seems like one is bound to see family members more on weddings funerals and hospital beds, always love catching up.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dawn of a new birthday

On the eve of my birthday my sister and a friend took me to a night about town. Funny thing is the better part of my birthday i thought myself younger than my birth certificate would care to tell. Denial i feel like i have missed a year because of that i was a year behind so the shock was real when my real years dawned on me.

So my sister got some candy and Valentino perfume shower gel and body lotion wow never been a label person but so what i ain't choosing either. Hope the new birthday girl will be wiser this birthday year. I think it strange to be talking about myself as a third person but i can't help it. looking forward to being a bit older looking back we reminisced about our lives while having some Chinese dinner it was an all around wonderful evening. My sister and Shiku(our Pal) had planned ahead in hijacking me on the eve of my birthday. We were to have a sleep over thing is wish they had told me about it i never had my contact lens kit so we had to forgo and do it another time. Got back home almost around 11pm can't complain i had a great time.