Thursday, October 28, 2010

EP-71 :A Car Diary

Call me EP71, Toyota Starlet, and dazzling white. I always have my great days and my bad days today is one of those days. Just after having some welding done, on my body and no longer leaking and setting my owner back a penny. There goes my shocks, no blame on my owner, I tend to be a great ride most of the time, beside the services I rarely break down now that is something to be said so here is my story.

Chapter 1

Right after my owner got me, there was not much repairs being done on me, I guess most people wait until their car is breaking down for them to think of fixing them. This is where my owner is somewhat a crazy freak who prefers everything running smoothly bless her, always makes sure I’m well serviced and repaired. The first time she took me for repairs she was cruising at 80 km on a 50 km road nearly hitting a motorcyclist. My brakes had not been changed in a while, and so I skidded nearly knocking the motorcyclist ahead of me. That freaked him out and he tried his best to keep off me. So there started my service and repair days my brakes as it turned out had not been fixed for a while. So i had to find myself a mechanic who are not always to be trusted, if you ever heard the harrowing stories of missing spare parts or fidgeting with your car and putting in faulty parts. Or better yet stories of women being taken advantage of due to their lack of motor knowledge. Now right here thats where my owner is the exception. She has a car fetish and a sort of grease monkey not that you will see her changing the parts. But she can literally tell you what is the matter with the car most of the time. I digress, So she found herself a garage through a referral and there started the journey to get me in working order. She had the brake pads changed, the linings and then she had me serviced. I got my oil changed a new oil filter, fuel filter, air filter put in spark plugs you name it I was running smoothly. But this was not the end of my journey, with my owner often times I have heard her curse when I’m not working right but, hey what’s a car to do. Half the time I run better than ever and does she know how long I've been around? 

For being around since 1986 I think I run OK if not great. So continues my journey, I got a new paint job and looked fantastic. I don’t recall the day I felt this great. As far as repairs go I am at the best shape for an old car i can be but, I cannot help it. It’s in my nature to drive my owner insane so I break down again this time she is delivering her paintings for an exhibition.
We started the day well she was excited about her new works and so was I, as I usually am driving around with her. So drop of her work and then just as we are beginning our journey back there I go again. You see this time it was the timing belt and across the road this guys offer to give me a push so my owner can jump start me but no avail I simply couldn't start. This time blame it on my maker who created me to wear and tear and without the constant changing of my parts and servicing me this was bound to happen. So while they are trying to jump start me but with no results it becomes clear that I was not going to start. While my owner is calling for help the mechanic comes checks me out and soon what ails me is discovered. My timing belt is cut and so is the timing of the engine erased, while the mechanic was putting in a new belt and trying to balance the tappets I already have a system shutdown my gasket is blown and now I’m overheating all I can hear is my owner hoping out loud that I make it to her garage where she dumped me and heads home hoping her mechanic will make me better. It is just the beginning……….

Chapter 2

I could tell my owner was perturbed I was beginning to feel like a sink hole, and that our rides were beginning to make her feel the dream of a problem free car to be revealed as hollow and naught but ash. That here is where all her money goes and I heard her contemplating out loud how she was going to be rid of me and get herself another ride with less hustles than I gave her. So I hoped to be on my best performance so for a while we were having a grand time with less hustles she took me for service after my usual mileage. I was happy, she was happy, she took me everywhere I thrived and life was running along just fine. So it didn't come as a surprise to me when one evening while she was driving home and it was dusk heading to 7 pm she had her parking lights on, and was humming to some tune bobbing and swaying her head to the music so relaxed. Yes she was in a great mood. 

This was not going to last long she turned on the headlights it was now completely dark and she was having a hard time seeing. My lights were having a malfunction. She kept adjusting them but the more she fidgeted with me the dimmer my lights got. It got so bad that I went off completely. Oh this was not happening to me again, she followed and tailed the car ahead since my lights were now completely out. She drove almost leaning into the dashboard but the car ahead took a left turn and so she was alone on the road in pitch blackness with oncoming traffic.We were not visible right until they got close enough, what a harrowing experience. She drove so fast to get to a service station and have me checked out thinking the malfunction being some minute electrical problem. 

Off and on the tarmac she drove, problem is she is short or near sighted or myopic,so she couldn't tell when she was on or off the road until the car got on rough road. When it seemed like there was no hope she spotted a gas station pulled in and called for help but the traffic was terrible and it took the mechanic an hour to get to her. It became apparent that I was not going anywhere and it was not a minor case of electrical wiring. The alternator was busted. With the alternator busted this means the car battery is not being charged which then means no lights. Not a simple wiring problem. Tired and she dumps me in the Malls parking lot,  while she catches a ride home she makes arrangements to have me picked up in the morning taken to the garage and have a new alternator put in. This, this was it, I felt it but surprising I am still around …..When I thought that I would be sharing a space at a car yard with a sale plaque and a price tag I find myself still looking forward to our next adventure.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Works

"Effacement" 71 cm x 101 cm, Mixed media on canvas 2010

"We are who we were'' 100 cm x 150 cm, Mixed media on canvas 2010

''Effacement II'' 71 cm x 101 cm, Mixed media on canvas 2010

To Be An Artist

To be an artist is to take the risk to open up your soul, look into the depth of it risk to get lost on the journey but nevertheless walk the path and gain insight with every step taken.

Exhibition Opening

Audience and the Exhibits 2010

"Mismatched newlyweds" and "Out of this mess" hanging at Le Rustique exhibition ends 10th November.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Exhibition Invitation

“This series is a reflection, not of any individual in particular, but about humanity, the inner being and ultimately our intimate existence. It is a collection of thoughts and ideas concerning our immortality”.

You are cordially invited to the exhibition of recent works by Beatrice Wanjiku at Le Rustique (General Mathenge Drive Westlands) Friday 8th Oct 6-9pm.

The Ecomomy Of Creativity Workshop


Money and meaning was a two day workshop, a collaboration between the Godown arts center and Natverkstan a cultural organization based in Sweden. The workshop that had been organized for professional artists within all artistic fields offered artists time to reflect and draw maps on where they want to be artistically and economically. How to be more than a one hit wonder by developing skills, relationships and maximizing ones profile and making necessary changes to arriving at their target/vision.