Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Filial Obedience

-You told me to stay away from men,          
      And I have done that;
Except when the sun goes down
I talk to Rogelio on the road….

-Oh?.....and what does he say?...-that he loves me…
     But I don’t say anything;
-and then?....-he holds my hands a little,
Or gives me a little kiss on the cheek…

-Ah ha!....I see… so that’s all
   the rascal does to you?
Don’t hang around that place any more,
Because you’re in danger my child….

-Men have always been that way!....they speak
     Sweet nothings,
And they deceive naïve girls like you
Leading them off meekly to ruin.

-Mama. …for goodness sake! Don’t worry…that boy
    Speaks sincerely!....
And if he comes to meet me, he lifts me up bodily
When the road is muddy

-That’s a part of his scheme…as a girl
   The same happened to me …
Tie four knots in your flower, my child,
And never forget what I have told you…

The next day early in the morning
    the girl got caught…
The sun found her far away, without flowers,
In the tender arms of danger….
Never has the advice of old women
Served any better than in this case…
When love strikes the youthful breast, filial obedience ends.

-Candelario Obeso

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