Friday, March 25, 2011

Ziba Ufa

Humanity exists within and around walls; vertical manmade surfaces whose sole purpose is to keep the desirable contained, out of reach of the undesirable and vice versa. This duality is constantly applied in the illustration of social/human issues.
The gallery, in particular the walls, is used as an alternative surface for artistic expression. To challenge not only our individual processes, but also the audiences' perception or stereotypes as to exhibition spaces and their uses.
The projected outcome for this project for both the artists and audience and the space is to:
  • Create a purely artistic and critical experience far removed from any commercial obligation and/or expectations
  • Challenge the accepted norms as to how artistic expression is presented and/or consumed.
Curated by Peterson Kamwathi.

View of the Installation from the floor

Stage I ( Installation for ziba ufa)

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